UPDATE 060 – Crash Reboot Issue #1 To Be Published Soon

2021-02-28-FRI @ 12:21 AM CST – – – It has literally been a month since I’ve written anything for Crash Reboot! That’s because I have been extremely busy with the re-launch of my business directory – The BIG List at www.BigBizList.com – – – You know I was going to abandon that directory, but I couldn’t do it. I love promoting businesses in the United States. So if you are a business owner, check it out. It’s nationwide, and carries only a one time listing/editing fee. This morning I’m feeling like it’s time to finally start publishing this newsletter. I don’t even remember what all I’ve written in it since I started this in December 2020. So I have designed a format for the PDF, and will soon get this published on my website at www.DDAVIDD.com – Stay tuned.