UPDATE 058 – Tillor

2021-01-29-FRI @ 1:08 AM CST – – – I want to share a new (to me) social network that has come to the world wide web. It’s called Tillor. From Tillor’s “About” page: Tillor is a social media platform that respects everyone’s point of view regardless of opinions, ideals or political views. That’s how free speech should work. The Tillor team is located in Katy, Texas and was developed by Shane Cormier. Tillor debuted on January 16th to disrupt the monopolized social media industry. – – – MY COMMENTARY: This morning is the first time I have taken a look at this website, although I’m pretty sure I saw it mentioned somewhere previously. I looked it up on YouTube and this guy –> https://tillor.com/GhostShadow made a video about it to describe some of it’s use. So I went to his profile page on Tillor and had a look around. I didn’t get far however because Tillor requires you to login to look deep into their platform. So I signed up. I can found there at https://tillor.com/SirDDAVIDD – – – I haven’t explored the site much yet, so I’ll have to get back with a review later on how good it is.