UPDATE 057 – Blip Billboards

2021-01-29-FRI @ 9:37 AM CST – – – This morning I want to recommend an advertising platform I love to use. It is Blip Billboards service. Do you know that if you have a small business, or even a large business, you can advertise on digital billboards all across the United States. You can set your own budget and spend exactly how much, or how little you wish to spend. Bear in mind that unlike previously, Blip Billboards now requires a minimum budget for multiple billboard signs. For example at the time that I am writing this, I have 2 billboards playing in my advertising campaign. For those 2 billboards, I’m required to spend a minimum $4.00 daily budget which would get me around 80+ billboard blips (a blip refers to each time your sign appears on a billboard). If you add more signs to your campaign, then your daily spending budget must be increased. It used to be possible to spend just a few bucks and add dozens of billboard signs to your campaign all across the U.S. However, now I’m figuring that Blip Billboards or the sign owners weren’t making any money, so they changed their business model. This isn’t entirely a bad thing. It just requires advertising in your campaigns a different way, and in the end it can cost the consumer more money to advertise, but when you consider the platform… Where else can you find it so easy to put a billboard sign up somewhere without having to make calls. You just sign up for an account. Create your sign according to the pixel size requirements for the location you wish to advertise at (or let Blip’s service design one for you), add the location to your campaign, set your daily spending budget, and then basically forget about it while you spend your time building your business. Using this platform allows me to get the word out about my business – The BIG List – https://www.BigBizList.com – without having to lift a finger on the internet if I don’t want to. I love Blip Billboards. Check them out – https://www.blipbillboards.com/