UPDATE 055 – Beastie Boys Book By Michael Diamond (Audiobook)

2021-01-24-SUN @ 9:02 AM CST – – – Beastie Boys Book By Michael Diamond (Audiobook)This morning I’ve started listing to the Beastie Boys Book by Michael Diamond (audiobook – in Overdrive) and I am enjoying it a lot. I’m an hour and 20 minutes into the book (I’m listening on 1.60x play speed – because I like to get through my audiobooks as quick as possible without distorting the reader’s voice beyond understanding). There’s a chapter describing how much music listening differed back in the 80’s when using the then ever-popular cassette tape walkman’s (and later cheaper brand cassette tape players) – these were popular before cd’s and portable cd players became popular. Speaking of portable cd players, I’ve been seeing the Walmart is carrying an ONN brand portable cd player for less than $25 and I’m thinking about getting one because I’ve been shopping on ebay for audiobook cd’s. Anyway, what was said in the book was about how much harder it was to carry your music on all those cassette tapes. You had to choose your very best music to carry with you so that you don’t get caught with music you didn’t want your friends knowing you liked. You also needed to wear your clothes that had the most pockets, but be careful not to carry too much because too many cassette tapes could make you look like an idiot. Today in 2021, even past the biggest era of MP3 player popularity, we still have MP3’s that we can purchase and load up on our smartphones, tablets, and computers (most preferably these days on our smartphones). We also have music streaming services such as Spotify (which is the one I use and love). All you young people out there today will never know the hassle it was to be a music fan 30 or 40 years ago. Be grateful because today we have massive collections of music accessible in a small device. It’s so easy to discover new artists both new and old. We literally have “all you can eat” access to music today. It’s awesome. Take advantage of it. I love Spotify for that reason.