UPDATE 050 – Facebook Memories For January 23rd, 2021 Looking Back

2021-01-23-SAT @ 11:18 AM CST – – – Facebook Memories – Today I’m going to begin deleting old posts on Facebook that show up in Facebook Memories. This is a part of moving off of the platform eventually. (3 YEARS AGO IN 2018 TODAY I WROTE…) – $1 Totino’s pizzas from DG. I’ll take it. That’s right I said Totino’s. Don’t judge me. (4 YEARS AGO IN 2017 TODAY I WROTE…) – No. I will not get addicted to pinterest again. – – – I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… (6 YEARS AGO IN 2015 TODAY I WROTE…) – It’s been a dreary day all day and I’m over it.   Finally got out of the house tonight for something to eat besides fried bolony sandwhiches lol.   Having Captain D’s.  Going to Walmart to get few groceries (more bread & bolony lol) and then back and see what’s on netflix. – – – Recently watched a couple movies on Netflix.   I, Frankenstein which surprisingly was really good.  I enjoyed it.   Also watched Mad Max,  the first Max movie from 1979.  I’d forgotten what a stud Mel Gibson was back then (compared to now lol),  and what a good movie it was. Had not seen it in years.   Oh and also recently started watching the tv series,  Dexter,  but haven’t gotten too much into it.   I still wish they would bring Battlestar Galactica back though,  because despite how dumb the final episode was,  that was the best tv series I ever watched. – – – – – That’s as far back as Facebook Memories goes I guess. I’ve been on Facebook since 2007. It would be great if Facebook Memories pulled up posts from your entire history on the platform, but it is what it is.